Suicidal Thoughts

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Do you or a loved one have thoughts of harming or killing yourself? Do you struggle with these thoughts on a regular basis? If so, please know this is completely normal for people with depressive symptoms. With my experience in suicidal thoughts, I can help you or your loved one determine how severe the thoughts are, create a safety plan and decide if hospitalization is necessary. 

I will also help with long term plans including how to manage these thoughts over a longer period of time and how to live a productive and enjoyable life. Call and set up an appointment today, I am looking to working with you and helping you through this process!

Did you know that suicidal thoughts does not always mean the person should be hospitalized? Sometimes developing a crisis plan and having adequate supervision can help someone recover at home. 

If a person says they are considering suicide

  • Take the person seriously
  • Stay with them
  • Help them remove lethal means
  • Call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988
  • Text TALK to 741741 to text with a trained crisis counselor from the Crisis Text Line for free, 24/7

To learn more about how to help someone who is suicidal visit: